January 2015

Wilsons Arch – Utah

In our latest trip, spanning from Illinois, to California, and back home to Pennsylvania, Matt and Deejay ventured over to the great Wilson’s Arch in Utah off route 191. This natural sandstone structure holds a vast hole of 91 feet in width, and 46 feet in height.

In case you were wondering, we could successfully park a Don Farr truck within the loop, though the park rangers would not let us.

Here’s some striking pictures of the Hindman (our sister company) truck parked in front of the arch!

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Foster Love Project and Don Farr Moving

Don Farr Moving & Storage was recently involved in a wonderful mission for Foster Love Project. The task of Foster Love Project is to provide placement bags for children that are entering into foster care. The bags include pajamas, blankets, stuffed animals, toothbrushes and other necessities that make the transition a bit easier for the children.

In 2014, Foster Love Project was able to collect 1,345 bags worth an estimated value of $54,000!

When all the bags were collected, Don Farr Moving provided a truck and transportation to help deliver the bags. Some of the foster agency recipients included the Bair Foundation, Auberle, Three Rivers Adoption Council, Every Child, Inc., Bethany Christian Services, Family Pathways and the Beaver County Child & Youth Services. All of these wonderful agencies help children in foster care every single day. Don Farr Moving & Storage was honored to be a part of this wonderful project and organization. Don Farr collected bags from Pittsburgh Lending Library and Playspace and from a local group Pittsburgh Momtourage, which was founded in 2009.

While this isn’t technically a “Tale from the Road”, we here at Don Farr wanted to share this story and help bring more awareness to this wonderful cause that was right in our own backyard here in the Pittsburgh region. Thank you so much to Foster Love project. If you are interested and would like to find out more, or how to help donate, you can email Kelly Hughes at Pghmoms@live.com.




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